Recommended by independent experts – Urea for the treatment of dry skin

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Urea for the treatment of dry skin

When it comes to treating patients and giving advice on special conditions, doctors often turn to trusted medical bodies and their latest research for advice.

Dry skin (or xerosis cutis) is a common skin issue and affects many Canadians. And yet surprisingly, until recently, there was no standardized approach on how best to treat the condition.

This article identifies and examines recent findings in the area of dry skin treatment.

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The paper, written in German, states that dry skin can – in principle - be treated effectively. The decisive factor in the effectiveness of dry skin treatment is choosing the appropriate care product.

The ‘Diagnosis and Treatment of Xerosis cutis’ paper also explains that when urea is combined with other moisturizing ingredients and lipids, the effect is even better: "The combination of urea with ceramides, NMF and glycerol shows a significantly better effect than the effect of urea or the vehicle alone." 2

Urea is a key ingredient in many Eucerin formulas where it is often combined with Ceramides, other NMFs and Glycerol. These formulas include:

The plus in Complete Repair

The lotions and creams in the Eucerin Complete Repair range  offer people with dry skin exactly what the independent expert paper recommends. The formulas include

The range is clinically and dermatologically proven to offer immediate and 48h dry skin relief.3

Urea binds water into the outermost layers of skin and, at the same time, breaks down the connections between dead skin cells - this promotes desquamation and ensures a smoother skin surface
Urea is one of several Natural Moisturizing Factors in skin. Like urea, they pull water into the outermost layers of skin. This prevents dehydration, dandruff and skin damage.

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