Women with dry and cracked skin on elbow

Clinically proven to repair dry to very dry, cracked or irritated skin

Eucerin Aquaphor® Ointments Expert skin care for damaged skin - clinically proven to moisturize and soften extremely dry skin.

When skin is extremely dry or cracked, moisturizing the skin is paramount. Eucerin Aquaphor skin ointments contain high quality moisturizing ingredients that form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, and help heal dry skin.

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Avoid scratching the wound.
If the wound is infected you should consult your doctor who may prescribe an antibiotic cream.
Protect the wound by covering it with a sterile dressing the risk of infection and re-injury to the wound.
Seek medical help if there are signs of infection such as redness, green or yellow discharge or increased pain.
The dressing should keep the wound moist and the surrounding skin dry.
The wound should be covered with a sterile dressing and pressure should be applied to stop the bleeding.
The wound should be washed with tap water or cooled boiled water.
You should seek medical help if the wound was caused by an animal or if stitches are needed.