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Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo

Extra mild 2-in-1 formula
Gently cleanses without drying out baby’s skin
Enriched with Provitamin B5 is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin

For your baby’s sensitive skin

Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo is an extra mild 2-in-1 bath formula. It’s designed to gently soothe and cleanse your baby’s dry, sensitive skin and wash hair without irritating their scalp.



Product info

Our best baby wash & shampoo solution

Your baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin, and can easily be irritated from soap or fragrances. Your little one deserves an extra gentle level of care to protect their sensitive skin — and you deserve a convenient all-in-one solution that makes bath time a breeze.

The solution? Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo.

Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo is an extra-mild, fragrance and tear-free formula that gently cleanses without drying out your baby’s skin. It’s enriched with Provitamin B5 to promote healthy-looking hair and leave your baby’s skin feeling soft to the touch.

Clinically proven to be gentle for baby’s sensitive skin, it washes into their body and hair with a light lather, making it easy to rinse off without irritating the scalp or damaging their skin’s protective moisture barrier. It also comes in a convenient pump format that’s easy to keep by the tub and dispense while you're busy with bath time.

Recommended by pediatricians in the USA, our Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo formula is paraben-free and suitable for daily use.


  • Tear-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free

How To Use


  • Pour onto moistened hands or wet washcloth
  • Gently massage on baby’s skin and hair
  • Rinse with luke-warm water
  • Best to limit bathing time

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