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Behind the Science of Eucerin Complete Repair

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Eucerin’s expertise in advancing skin care were first established back in the 1990’s when the first topical product containing a natural moisturizing factor was conceived. Urea has since been widely used in cosmetics, and has become the most used  ingredient for dry skin. The latest Eucerin formulation for dry skin is Eucerin Complete Repair. Alexander Filbry, PhD, Head of Product Development Body Care Eucerin tells us ‘it targets the three main causes of dry skin’.

Eucerin continue to lead innovation in skin care

“When we took a deeper look at dry skin, we realised that it needs more than just a couple of natural moisturizing factors like urea and lactate.

We discovered how Aquaporins, the moisture networks in the deeper dermis skin layers, can become ineffective when the skin is dry.

That led to the discovery of Gluco-glycerol, the molecule that stimulates Aquaporin function, and restores the natural upward flow of moisture towards the skins surface.”

Eucerin Aquaporin Technology centres on Glyceryl Glucoside, or Gluco-glycerol, a novel humectant (water-binding) conjugate of glycerol and glucose, which has been shown to stimulate the epidermal moisture network that is formed by Aquaporin water channels, resulting in improved skin hydration.

“Gluco-glycerol is biologically identical to the molecules that stimulate the skin’s Aquaporin water channels. The Aquaporin network is responsible for the moisture distribution in the deeper epidermal layers and also the natural upward flow of moisture to the outer layers, ensuring long-lasting hydration.”

Graphic illustration of Aquaporins.
Aquaporins are microscopic water channels located in cell membranes that control the water transfer into and out of the cells.
Graphic illustration of moisturised skin.
More Aquaporins lead to moisturisation even in deeper epidermal skin layers.

“The skin naturally contains molecules that regulate moisture content, called “natural moisturizing factors”. These are hygroscopic substances that attract and absorb water from the deeper skin layers into the upper layers, vastly increasing water retention in the upper stratum corneum skin layer. However, when skin is dry there is a deficiency of these vital molecules, and this needs to be replenished before the skin can function properly again.”

The Eucerin Complete Repair Range consists of the original Urea and Lactate.

“And to top it off, with our knowledge of surface barrier function, we had to include Ceramide-3, the lipid that directly restores the surface barrier, and locks in moisture. Ceramides are naturally produced by the skin to create a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss due to evaporation, and also blocks out irritants that can cause inflammation and itching. We know that when the skin’s ceramide levels fall, dryness and irritation can result.”

Graphic illustration of skin´s moisture before and after use of Eucerin Complete Repair.
Regular use of Eucerin Complete Repair improves skin´s moisture.

“When all these ingredients come together, our Complete Repair Moisture Lotions work at the surface, upper and deeper epidermal skin layers to fight the cause of dry skin at each level.”

“Regular use helps to re-establish the skin’s natural moisture-control process, ensuring long-lasting relief from signs of dry skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.”

Graphic illustration of convincing moisturizing effects.

"These outcomes have been clinically proven in dermatological studies - when the moisturizing effects of Eucerin Complete Repair Lotions were tested in 87 women aged between 60 and 80 years, skin hydration, as measured by corneometry, was improved by 37% as soon as 48 hours after a single application."

Eucerin Complete Repair Lotions are fast becoming the most popular dry skin solutions Eucerin has to offer, which is not surprising as they embody years of expert research, and are dermatologically proven to be more effective than their predecessor products.

This website serves the purpose of providing general information and does not in any way replace medical or specialist advice. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms worsen or persist.