Our history – Over 100 years of innovative skin science

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For more than a century Beiersdorf, the company behind Eucerin, has been associated with groundbreaking innovation in skin care formulas. From the beginning, research and product development at Eucerin has been inseparable from dermatological research.

The foundation of Eucerin

Founder of Beiersdorf – Paul C. Beiersdorf
Every Eucerin product is based on intensive research and close collaboration between pharmacists and dermatologists - right from the beginning.

The brand’s origins are in a pharmacy, that of Paul C. Beiersdorf in Hamburg.

In 1882 Paul C. Beiersdorf applied for a patent for a new type of medical dressing and in so doing founded the Beiersdorf Company. Eight years later, he sold the business to fellow pharmacist Oscar Troplowitz who began to manufacture products under the Beiersdorf brand name. Close cooperation with pioneering dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna meant that these products were inspired by and based on the very latest research of skin.

This combination of research and development runs through our history, right up to the present day.

It means that every one of our products is both scientifically relevant and proven for tolerability and efficacy, providing you with reliable solutions for different kinds of skin issues and problems.

Revolutionising skin care for over a century


Dr. Lifschütz applied for a patent for Eucerin to produce a stable emulsion.
The first Eucerin range.

In the year 1900, young chemist Isaac Lifschütz filed a patent for an emulsifying agent, which he named Eucerit - inspired by the old Greek word for “the beautiful wax”. Dr. Lifschütz´s development of Eucerit can be seen as a medical revolution of its time. Eucerit was the technological base to develop for the first time stable water-in-oil emulsions. It also formed the basis of all Beiersdorf products at that time. Prof. Unna was particularly impressed with the properties of the resulting ointment:

"Eucerin Ointment is agreeable for the pharmacist due to its stable and smooth consistency, it is easily prescribed by the doctor and it creates a good feeling for the patient due to its smoothness and cooling effect".